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The LAMA Agency is a booking and promotions agency working closely with artists, entertainers, bands, venues and other agencies to help bring quality entertainment to the people. Personal attention is paid to every detail of the booking experience, assuring everyone involved is 100 percent satisfied.
   LAMA (Look At Me Asheville) was formed with the hopes of escalating the already incredible music and arts scene in Western North Carolina out of a love for music, arts, community and a desire to succeed. Starting with a dream in 2009, LAMA has built well-established relationships and contacts with many musical powerhouses within the eastern United States.

Since its official inception in 2011 LAMA has:
-assembled a compilation CD, distributing over 500 copies around the nation
-built solid relationships with local and regional media, businesses, bands and venues
-organized and developed a number of festivals and concerts
-booked and promoted shows in several states.
-...the list goes on and on.

There is always a next step within the entertainment industry. The LAMA Agency is on your side to make sure that you're making the right moves to reach that "next step" time and time again. Let's get together and make it happen!

In order for art and entertainment to be successful, we believe it requires passion, heart, attention to detail, and the right attitude. Why should your business require anything less? When artists decide to go pro, The LAMA Agency knows how to get them there.